Cost of Attendance

Estimated Cost of Attendance for Graduate Students

Cost of Attendance (COA) includes tuition, fees, and modest living expenses associated with attending APU.

Here is an example of COA for a graduate student, living off campus and attending traditional 15-week fall and spring terms at APU:

8 Months Cost of Attendance

Room $10,000
Board $3,288
Personal $2,552
Transportation $1,136
Books $1,746
Loan Fees $400
Subtotal $19,122
Cost of Attendance $19,122 + Tuition and Fees

If your program unit cost is $600 per unit and you are taking 20 units, your tuition will be $12,000 ($600 x 20).

Example of fall and spring: $19,122 (living expenses) + $12,000 (tuition) = $31,122 total COA.*

For an additional sample of the estimated Cost of Attendance over various terms, view the 2014–15 Cost of Attendance Breakdown (PDF).

*This is an example of a fall and spring budget. The exact cost of attendance varies from student to student depending on a variety of factors, including academic program and living arrangements.