Student Account Counselors

When it comes to figuring out how to finance your investment in graduate education, you are not alone. APU’s Student Account Counselors are readily available to help you coordinate financial aid packages, scholarships, fellowships, and loans. Personalized financial aid ensures you receive the best and most appropriate types of assistance for your situation. Count on your Student Account Counselor to help you explore all your options and make wise decisions regarding your investment.

Each Student Account Counselor serves students according to their program:

  • Lisa Curtis

    Phone: (626) 815-4604

    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

    • Information Technology, M.S. (online)
    • TESOL (all programs)
    • Transformational Urban Leadership, M.A.

    School of Business and Management

    • All master’s degree programs

    School of Theology

    • All master’s degree programs

    Other Programs

    • Nondegree programs
  • Alan Erving

    Phone: (626) 815-4630

    School of Education

    • Curriculum and Instruction in Multicultural Contexts, M.A.Ed.
    • Digital Teaching and Learning, M.A.Ed.
    • Educational and Clinical Counseling, M.A.Ed.
    • Educational Counseling, M.A.Ed.
    • Educational Leadership, M.A.Ed.
    • Educational Psychology, M.A.Ed. and Ed.S.
    • Educational Technology, M.A.
    • Physical Education (all master's degree, credential, and authorization programs)
    • Preliminary and Professional Administrative Services Credentials

    University Libraries

    • School Librarianship, M.A.Ed.
    • Teacher Librarian Services Credential
  • Kathleen Johnson

    Phone: (626) 815-4543

    School of Nursing

    • All master’s degree and credential programs

    School of Music

    • All master's degree programs

    School of Visual and Performing Arts

    • Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
    • Modern Art History, Theory, and Criticism, M.A. (online)
  • Jon Krimmel

    Phone: (626) 815-4552

    Doctoral degrees (all programs regardless of school or department)

  • Dave McCorkell

    Phone: (626) 815-4542

    School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences

    • Clinical Psychology: Marriage and Family Therapy, M.A.
    • College Counseling and Student Development, M.S.
    • Global Leadership, M.A.
    • Master of Social Work (MSW)
    • Leadership, M.A. (formerly M.A. in Organizational Leadership)
  • Jonathan Hicks

    Phone: (626) 815-4593

    School of Education

    • ELL/CTEL/CLAD Certificate
    • Gifted and Talented Education (master's degree and certificate programs)
    • Induction Programs
    • Multiple Subject Credential
    • Professional Clear Credential
    • Single Subject Credential
    • Special Education (all master's degree, credential, and authorization programs)