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Faith Integration

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Faith integration is informed reflection on and discovery of Christian faith within academic disciplines, professional programs, and lived practice, resulting in the articulation of Christian perspectives on truth and life in order to advance the word of God in the world.

Faith Integration Team Members

Chair, Ben Nworie, Ph.D.
Professor, Special Education
Director, Office of Faith Integration

Connie Johnson
Administrative Assistant for Faith Integration

Faith Integration Fellows

Marsha Fowler, Ph.D.
Professor, Ethics and Spirituality
Professor, School of Nursing

Paul Kaak, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Leadership and College Student Development

Steve Wilkens, Ph.D.
Theology and Philosophy

David Woodruff, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Theology and Philosophy

Faith Integration Council

Chair, Cindy McKnight, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Exercise and Sport Science

Ann Bradley, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor
Teacher Education

Roger Conover, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
School of Business and Management

Dan Elliott, Ed.D.
Center for eLearning and Teaching

David Esselstrom, Ph.D.
Chair, English

Randy Fall, Ph.D.
Professor, Doctoral Studies in Education
Director of Faculty Evaluation

Stephanie Juillerat, Ph.D.
Associate Provost
The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

Liz Leahy, M.A.T.
Professor, Theological Bibliography and Research
Chair, Stamps Theological Library

Kevin Mannoia, Ph.D.
Chaplain, Graduate and Adult Students/SoulQuest

Dennis Royse, Ph.D.
Chair, Graduate Programs, School of Music

Leslie VanDover, Ph.D.
School of Nursing

Steve Wilkens, Ph.D.
Theology and Philosophy

Overriding Goals

By fall 2012, the university will have:

Research Questions and Strategic Goals

Capacity and Preparatory Review

CPR Q3. What support and infrastructure does the university have in place to support implementation of faith integration content and competencies into curricular and scholarly activities at APU?

By the end of the CPR, we expect:

Educational Effectiveness Review

EER Q3. How effectively does university programming equip faculty to integrate faith and learning into their faculty roles?

EER Q4. How effectively do faculty integrate faith and learning into their academic work?

EER Q5. How effectively do academic programs prepare students to integrate their faith into their academic learning?

EER Q6. How effectively do co-curricular programs equip students to integrate their faith into their daily living?

By the end of the EER, we expect:


Center for Research in Science (CRIS)

Center for Research in Ethics and Values (CREV)

Office of the Provost - Faith Integration