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What You Can Do to Prepare

How Faculty Can Prepare

  • Understand the WASC process and its purpose.
  • Review WASC documents to clarify the standards and the purpose of the two reviews.
  • Read and provide input on the Educational Effectiveness Review (EER).
  • Be responsive to requests for information from the leaders and faculty councils working on the reports.
  • Familiarize yourself with survey data.
  • Ensure that student learning outcomes are posted on all syllabi.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Academic Vision.
  • Understand the goals of our six WASC themes.
  • Discuss with students the purpose of accreditation and the four themes on the first day of class, and when relevant during the semester.
  • Participate in campus-wide conversations and seminars about our WASC-related activities, and read the WASC-related materials sent to you via APU email (e.g. WASC newsletters, “Did You Know”).
  • Distribute to students, colleagues, and community members information about WASC and how APU is meeting the theme goals.
  • Collect evidence that we are providing services and learning opportunities and producing outcomes related to the four themes of the Academic Vision.
  • Help create “storyboards” that we will use for the poster sessions during the WASC visit.
  • Plan to be on campus October 10–12, 2012.
  • Expect the WASC visitors to talk to you about the themes, WASC standards, and the educational outcomes for the university and your program.