Engstrom Hall

Engstrom Hall is a four-story, co-ed residence hall for freshmen. Rooms in Engstrom Hall are arranged in small suites with two rooms sharing a bathroom. Rooms include desks, twin beds, mini blinds, and walk-in closets with shelves. Four to five students share the suite. Each floor offers a lounge, oven, vending machines, and laundry facilities. Also included are two elevators. Residents are required to purchase a dining plan in accordance with university requirements.

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2014–15 Rates (per student per semester)
Residence hall room:$2,217
Tripling discount:$665*
Discounted cost:$1,552*

Students who are oversubscribed will receive a discounted housing rate. For involuntary oversubscriptions, the discounted rate will remain as long as the student continues in the same room. For voluntary oversubscriptions, discounts will be applied for only that time spent in an oversubscription; if a room returns to standard capacity during the course of a term, discounts will be prorated by the week. If a student is assigned to an oversubscribed room during the course of a term, discounts will be prorated for the semester from the date of assignment. Please see the housing policies for more information.

*Please see of the housing policies for more information on oversubscriptions.

Floor Plans*

*Floor plans may vary from unit to unit. All dimensions noted in these plans represent the best information we have and should be used as approximations. We ask that you please remain flexible on move-in day if dimensions vary on site.

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