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The Office of Research and Grants assists faculty and staff with grant inquiries, grant submittal, grant resubmittals, ORG-initiated grant efforts, grant resources at APU, and grants management and administration.

Pre-Award Support

ORG can assist you in identifying potential private and public funders, editing your proposal, and helping you with partnership and collaborative proposals, both within APU and with other colleges, universities, hospitals, research institutions, and nonprofit organizations.

For more information on how this office can assist you, please contact us.

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Post-Award Support

After you receive award notification, the director of grants management can assist with the management of your award.

Negotiate and Accept Award

Any correspondence, such as award notification letters or checks from the funders, should be forwarded to the director of grants management immediately. The director of grants management and the principal investigator (PI) will need to review the award and project plan to determine if a revised plan/budget needs to be submitted. The director of grants management needs to be contacted if your award has a contract.

Grant Management Orientation

The director of grants management will host two grant orientation meetings with the (PI) after the funding has been awarded. This will include one session with the PI only, and one session with the PI, department chair, support staff/department designee, and Business Office and Information and Media Technology (IMT) as needed. The first meeting will involve an overview of the project management plan, budget, equipment, supplies, employees, contactors, etc.

Project Management Plan and Meetings

The director of grants management will assist in setting up meetings and reviewing the process to track all related key tasks and answer all project-related questions. Periodic reviews with the director of grants management about the timeline and progress reports will be scheduled.

Guidelines on Purchasing Equipment,
Supplies, and Travel, and on Reimbursement

After the PIs develop management plans and budgets, they can start spending the funding awarded within the limits of the categories and amount allowed by the contract. The grant website includes grant-related forms and policies related to purchase, travel, and reimbursement.

Guidelines on Hiring Employees Funded by Grants

If there are new grant-funded positions needed for the project and those positions have been budgeted in the proposal or revised budget, the PI must adhere to Human Resources procedures to hire grant-funded employees. See Guidelines on Hiring Employees Funded by Grants (PDF) for more details.

Guidelines on Hiring Contractors Funded by Grants

Please confer with ORG or the director of grants management before hiring a consultant or contractor, as employment consideration can vary from grant to grant. To proceed with a hire, complete a Supplemental Services Agreement form, which is for detailing the external contractor/consultant’s credentials and qualifications for the role to be performed in the project, and the purpose of the proposed hire.

Monitor Cost Share Funding,
Expenditures, and Collections

Account expenditures should be reviewed monthly to identify underspending, overspending, or errors. A regular meeting with the grant accountant will be set up to go through the expenses, cost sharing, payroll redistribution, subaward management, and project income/revenue reconciliation. The grant accountant works on indirect cost recovery reconciliation and prepares invoices for income/revenue collection and fund drawdowns.

Project Site Visit and Audit Preparation

Depending on the sponsors’ policies and requirements, there may be a sponsor site visit during which the sponsor learns more about the project’s progress, success, and continued potential and conducts an audit. When the PI/project director receives notification about an impending visit, the director of grants management should be notified immediately. Preparation for internal and external audits is a key responsibility of the PI/project director. Grant recipients must cooperate fully in all such internal audits.

Manage Changes and Extension

During the grant period, changes may occur unexpectedly and may prompt the need for a no-cost extension, rebudgeting, carry forward request, change of key personnel, change on scope of work, and investigator change. As soon as those changes are identified, notify the director of grants management to get the change request prepared and submitted to the funding agency, if necessary.

Concluding the Project

Allow enough time to prepare final closeout reports before the final closeout date. The PI will review the research outcomes and compare them to the project plan and goals to make sure the final project progress report is prepared and submitted to the director of grants management by the deadline.

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All grant projects need to observe both APU’s and the funder’s policies. APU policies are frequently reviewed and revised throughout the years, and we will revise the ORG website as needed. If you discover any inconsistency or any issues, please contact the grants office at (626) 815-6000, Ext. 3344.

Federal and State Regulations

The university complies with all state and federal regulations, among them:

Conflict of Interest

The principal investigator/project director must take reasonable steps to ensure that applying for a given grant will not constitute an impropriety or conflict of interest for them or for APU. Such situations include, but are not limited to, areas of personal financial gain for the applicant, and circumstances that might appear to compromise the university’s reputation or to give the university unfair competitive advantage. A signed PCOI Disclosure Form (PDF) must be attached to the external grant routing form.

Research Integrity

All the principal investigators/project directors are expected to uphold the highest integrity in data collection, analysis, and dissemination to avoid every act, or remote appearance, of plagiarism. The policy on research integrity is compatible with the model policy suggested by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Research Integrity. Also, there is a Policy for Conflicts of Interest in Research (PDF).

Research with Human and Animal Subjects

All projects that involve research with human subjects, including surveys, must submit their requests to APU’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). Projects involving animal research must submit their requests to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Major Funders’ Policies

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Since grants have to follow both APU and sponsors’ guidelines and policies, we need APU (dean’s office) and principal investigator’s approval for purchase, travel, and reimbursement. If you have questions, please contact the director of grants management and the grant accountant.

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Listed below are excellent grant writing tips and strategies from various federal agencies:



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