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School-Based Program

Launched in 1998 within the Azusa community, the school-based outreach program now includes more than 20 schools (grades K-12) that offer counseling and guidance services to children on-site. Counseling is provided to students during school hours and includes servicing students and their families through referrals for weekly therapy at the CCC offices. Sessions last 30 minutes and generally span an 8-week period, depending on the referral. The School-Based Program addresses such issues as:

Before a student participates in a session, parental consent is obtained. The teacher completes an observational measure, and the child is observed in the classroom to establish his or her baseline behavior. This helps the therapist gain understanding of specific struggles the child may be experiencing.

Before developing a collaborative relationship with any school, program leaders meet with administrators, school principals, and other relevant parties to better facilitate the following process:

Benefit to Schools:

For more information about the School-Based Program, please call the Community Counseling Center at (626) 815-5421.