Lectureship Series

Lectureship on Holy Living

Azusa Pacific Seminary is committed to demonstrating the vitality of the historic Wesleyan message as a response to the complex spiritual and social issues facing Christians today. In keeping with this purpose, outstanding scholars are invited to campus to present the results of studies in Wesleyan holiness thought. In 1991, this lectureship was renamed to honor Malcolm R. Robertson, Ed.D., for his 43 years of faithful service to Azusa Pacific University as a professor and administrator.

Amos Yong, Ph.D.
Fuller Theological Seminary
Carla Sunberg, Ph.D.
Nazarene Theological Seminary
Ben Witherington III, Ph.D.
Asbury Theological Seminary
No event
Douglas Strong, Ph.D.
Seattle Pacific University
Dallas Willard, Ph.D.
University of Southern California
Stanley Hauerwas, Ph.D.
Duke Divinity School
David Le Shana, Ph.D.
George Fox University and Seattle Pacific University
David Bundy, Ph.D.
Fuller Theological Seminary
Joel B. Green, Ph.D.
Asbury Theological Seminary
Barry Callen, Ph.D.
Anderson University
Cheryl Bridges Johns, Ph.D.
Church of God Theological Seminary
Arthur O. Roberts
George Fox University
Stephen Gunter, Ph.D.
Emory University
No event
Larry Shelton, Th.D.
George Fox Evangelical Seminary
Jim Garlow, Ph.D.
Senior Pastor, Skyline Wesleyan Church
Thomas C. Oden, Ph.D.
Drew University
Irv Brendlinger, Ph.D.
George Fox University
Samuel Kamaleson, S.T.D.
Former Vice President at Large, World Vision International
Justo L. González, Ph.D.
Author, Lecturer, and Educator
D. Eugene Pickard, D.Miss.
Barclay College
Susie C. Stanley, Ph.D.
Western Evangelical Seminary
Ralph P. Martin, Ph.D.
Fuller Theological Seminary
Alan G. Padgett, Ph.D.
Azusa Pacific University
Don Thorsen, Ph.D.
Azusa Pacific University
Lee M. Haines
The Wesleyan Church
W. Stanley Johnson, Ph.D.
Western Evangelical Seminary
Melvin E. Dieter, Ph.D.
Asbury Theological Seminary
Luke Keefer, Ph.D.
Ashland Theological Seminary
Howard Snyder, Ph.D.
United Theological Seminary

Faith Matters Lecture Series

The Faith Matters Lecture Series is presented four times per year by undergraduate and graduate faculty members of APU’s School of Theology. Lectures encompass a wide variety of topics surrounding the discipline of theology in today’s world, including biblical studies, theology and ethics, and practical ministry, to provide encouragement with issues facing Christians today. The series was started by a committee composed of six members: Rob Muthiah, Don Thorsen, Karen Winslow, Kay Smith, Cheryl Crawford, and Carmeli Silva.


  • Oct. 27, Black Lives Matter: Jacquelyn Winston, Ph.D., Jessica Wong, Ph.D., Greg Moder, Ph.D., Michael Mata, M.Div., Rob Muthiah, Ph.D. (moderator)
  • Jan. 26, Persecution: How would YOU Respond? Kay Higuera Smith, Ph.D.


  • Sept. 24, An Apology for Apologetics: Tim Finlay, Ph.D.
  • Oct. 22, From Reason to Theism: Josh Rasmussen, Ph.D.
  • Jan. 28, St. Augustine and Justice Kennedy on The Good of Marriage: Terri Merrick, Ph.D.
  • March 17, C.S. Lewis and His Circle: Roger White, Ed.D. (Canceled)


  • Sept. 25, Tale of Two Peoples: Robert Mullins, Ph.D.
  • Nov. 6, The Divine Conspiracy: Gary Black Jr., Ph.D.
  • Jan. 29, Pop Culture and Spiritual Formation—Oil and Water?: Rob Muthiah, Ph.D., with Cheryl Crawford, Ph.D., and Michael Bruner, Ph.D.
  • March 26, Do Justice, Love, Mercy, Walk Humbly: Gregg Moder, D.Min., with Viv Grigg, Ph.D., Michael Mata, M.Div., and Kevin Young, M.Div.


  • Sept. 26, Sex in the Church: Brian Lugioyo, Ph.D.
  • Nov. 7, A Grain of Truthiness: Kathryn Smith, Ph.D.
  • Feb. 6, The Faces of Evil: Matthew Hauge, Ph.D., and Craig Anderson, Ph.D.
  • April 3, Whose Kingdom is it Anyway?: Jacquelyn E. Winston, Ph.D.


  • Sept. 27, How Superheros Influence Our Faith: B.J. Oropeza, Ph.D.
  • Oct. 25, Are You Smarter Than Your Pastor?: Keith Reeves, Ph.D.
  • Jan. 31, Facebook: Would Jesus ‘Friend’ You?: Michael Bruner, Ph.D.
  • March 14, Magic Amulets: Collecting Near Eastern Artifacts: Robert Duke, Ph.D.


  • Sept. 29, Rob Bell’s Love Wins: Musings on Eternity?!: Keith Matthews, D.Min.
  • Nov. 10, Why God First is Not Sufficient: Dennis Okholm, Ph.D.
  • Jan. 26, Sticky Faith: Nurturing Faith in Young Adults: Cheryl Crawford, Ph.D.
  • March 1, The Apostle Paul’s View of Women in Ministry: Alice Yafeh-Deigh, Ph.D.


  • Sept. 16, Too Much Stress? Fight, Flight, and God in Daily Life: Paul Shrier, Ph.D., and Cahleen Shrier, Ph.D.
  • Nov. 18, War and Peace: Christian Alternatives: Kent Walkemeyer, D.Min.
  • Jan. 27, Mosque Hysteria: Christian and Muslim Relations: Robert Mullins, Ph.D.
  • Feb. 24, World Changers: Are Evangelicals Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?: Scott Daniels, Ph.D.


  • Sept. 30, Living the Last Days: Christian Eschatology and Biblical Apocalyptic: Bill Yarchin, Ph.D.
  • Oct. 28, Signs and Wonders: Why Pentecostalism is the World’s Fastest-Growing Faith: Paul Alexander, Ph.D.
  • Jan. 27, Doctrine of the Trinity and Why it Matters: Reflections on The Shack: Don Thorsen, Ph.D.

Note: This information is current for the 2016-17 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.