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Working On Campus

Students may apply to work on or off campus. If eligible, they may obtain work through the Federal Work Study program. No job is guaranteed; students are responsible for securing their own positions. Job availability is dependent on a good match between the employer’s needs and the student’s schedule and qualifications. Having at least two consecutive hours of available time is generally required by most positions.

Federal Work Study

Federal work study is a need-based, government program granted to students who qualify. Students must work on campus to receive the Federal Work Study (FWS) award. Certain departments are not qualified to pay under this program (e.g. Chapel Programs). Award money is included in the student's paycheck; not credited to the student's APU tuition account. Qualified recipients must seek employment on campus or the FWS funds will be removed from their financial aid. Department managers and supervisors will make every attempt to hire a Federal Work Study recipient according to their qualifications, skills, and career goals. Contact the Office of Student Employment for more information.