Schools, Centers, and Academy

The following list provides information on APU’s colleges and schools, three research centers, three campus libraries, and the Noel Academy for Strengths-Based Leadership and Education.

Schools and Colleges

Azusa Pacific Seminary
T. Scott Daniels, Ph.D., dean

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Jennifer Walsh, Ph.D., dean

College of Music and the Arts
Stephen Johnson, DMA, dean

Schools and Departments:
Honors College
David Weeks, Ph.D., dean
School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences
Robert Welsh, Ph.D., ABPP, dean

School of Business and Management
Rose Liegler, RN, Ph.D., interim dean
School of Education
Anita Henck, Ph.D., dean

School of Nursing
Aja Tulleners Lesh, Ph.D., RN, NP, dean
School of Theology
T. Scott Daniels, Ph.D., dean


University College
Fred Garlett, Ed.D., Dean of Campus Programs
Kurt Takamine, Ed.D., Dean of Online Programs
University Libraries
Paul Gray, Ed.D., Th.M., dean

  • Hugh and Hazel Darling Library
  • James L. Stamps Theological Library
  • William V. Marshburn Memorial Library

Centers and Academy

Center for Academic Service-Learning and Research
Judy Hutchinson, Ph.D., executive director

Center for Global Learning & Engagement
Jim Adams, Ed.D., executive director

Center for Research on Ethics and Values
Mark Eaton, Ph.D., director

Center for Research in Science
Leslie Wickman, Ph.D., director

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
Stephanie Juillerat, Ph.D., associate provost

Noel Academy for Strengths-based Leadership and Education
Eileen Hulme, Ph.D., executive director