APU Articles

4 Benefits of Working Through College (Besides the Money)

Working through college isn’t just about earning money on the side. There are several other benefits of balancing a job with your studies. Read more

Tony Bancroft Brings APU Animation Program to Life

Director, producer, and animator, Tony Bancroft, recently joined Azusa Pacific University as head of the new Animation and Visual Effects degree program. Read more

What I Wish I Knew: Get to Know Your Resident Advisor

One underappreciated element of on-campus living is the Resident Advisor (RA). These students are highly trained, caring, and energetic; prepared to take on any challenge with gusto, snacks, and a smile. Read more

How to Change Your Major in College

Feeling stuck in your current degree plan? Read on to learn how to change your major, and why it is completely OK to do so. Read more

How to Approach the College Process for Students With Additional Needs

If your child had an individualized education plan in high school, you may wonder how students with additional needs should approach college. Read more