Academic Faith Integration: An APU Distinctive

Faith integration sounds like fitting rhetoric for a Christian university, and a worthy pursuit, but what does it mean? How do faculty members incorporate the viewpoints of the Christian faith into their curricula? Read more

APU Hosts Math Field Day and STEM Festival

Celebrating the challenges and triumphs inherent in mathematics education, Azusa Pacific hosted the Los Angeles County Office of Education’s (LACOE) Math Field Day. Read more

Eyes to See the Possibilities

“Our family’s journey from Vietnam to the U.S. succeeded because everyone shared a vision of where we were going and what we needed to do to get there,” said Lawe. Now a leader in education, Lawe creates a common mission among those she serves. Read more

Leadership Conference Focuses on Advancing Women

Azusa Pacific joined Biola University, Fuller Theological Seminary, and Pepperdine University, to host the second annual Advancing Women in Leadership in Christian Higher Education Conference. Read more

All Well and Good

What does it mean to be “well”? APU supports students, faculty, and staff in the development of a wellness mindset, laying a sound personal foundation for making a difference in the world. Read more