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Evangelical Commitment

The Mission Statement of Azusa Pacific University identifies the institution as an “evangelical Christian community of disciples and scholars.” The word evangelical derives from the biblical word euangelion, which is the Good News or Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. The word is used by those who emphasize the saving work of God through Jesus Christ; the primacy and trustworthiness of Scripture; the need for evangelism, conversion, and discipleship that leads to spiritual growth and acts of love; and the community of believers empowered by the Holy Spirit in pursuing the reign of God. Reflecting our Wesleyan Holiness heritage, we consider right living important along with right belief. We seek truth primarily through Scripture and integrate other sources such as reason, tradition, and experience.

We honor and uphold the following distinctives:


  • the exercise of grace in every situation
  • evangelization of the lost
  • transformational work of the Holy Spirit
  • reconciliation and relief of human hurt
  • unity in diversity
  • service on behalf of the poor and disenfranchised
  • teaching of every discipline in every class from a Christian worldview
  • discipleship of believers
  • celebration of spiritual gifts
  • an affirmation of both men and women in all leadership at all levels of the Church
  • bringing social justice/action to society
  • sanctity and protection of human life from conception to the grave
  • understanding that marriage is between one man and one woman
  • upholding celibacy outside of marriage and fidelity within the marriage covenant
  • modeling transformational Christian community
  • responsible stewardship of creation
  • efficacy of prayer in every situation