As a Campus Ministry team, we believe that discipleship and scholarship go hand-in-hand! As you learn about the world around you and cultivate the gifts that God has given to you, you will gain valuable tools for a life of discipleship. Likewise, discipleship leads to curiosity about God and His creation that can invigorate your studies.

Because discipleship extends into every facet of your life, it is our desire to help you find relationships that can encourage and challenge you as you grow in Christ and follow Him unswervingly.

The Campus Ministry team oversees relational discipleship opportunities through small groups, mentoring, and confidential pastoral care. Learn more about our mentoring programs, discipleship groups program, and pastoral care below. For general inquiries, contact us at or (626) 815-3855.

Fall 2020 Updates

For information regarding updates to Fall 2020 programming, visit

Mentoring Programs

The mentoring programs offered through the Office of Campus Ministry match APU students with faculty or staff members, or other qualified mentors who are connected to APU, in order to develop meaningful relationships for spiritual growth and accountability. Throughout the year, students meet weekly or monthly with their mentor for prayer, Bible study, other readings, significant conversations, and fellowship.

For more information and details on how to get involved, visit the mentoring programs page or call us at (626) 815-3855.

D-Groups Ministry

Discipleship Groups, also known as D-Groups, consist of 4-10 students who meet together for the purpose of fostering spiritual growth. The groups meet once a week throughout each semester for encouragement and accountability in living out Jesus’ command to love God and love others. Each of our D-Groups incorporates prayer, Bible study, accountability and fellowship. These groups are matched with a trained student leader. Learn how to join a D-Group or how to start your own D-Group. For more information about D-Groups, contact us at, or call (626) 815-3855.

SALT Ministry

SALT (Service And Leadership Training) teams are the place where the students can develop their leadership skills while helping the Campus Ministry team provide support for many of the important spiritual formation opportunities on campus. Student leaders minister alongside the campus pastors, and through work with D-Groups, Spiritual Formation, and Kaleo Chapel and Liturgical Chapels. Student leaders grow in their ministry gifts while serving the student body.

For more information and details on how to get involved, visit the SALT page.

Confidential Pastoral Counseling

Our Christ centered community offers many opportunities for spiritual conversations about life and faith with faculty, staff and other students. In addition, our Campus Ministry team opportunities for you to meet one-on-one with a campus pastor. We would love to listen and counsel you through distress, indecision, theological inquiry, or just get to know you. Please contact us at or (626) 815-3855.

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