Message from the Campus Pastors

College is an exciting time of life filled with new ideas, relationships, and experiences. Some may ask, “What is the purpose of the college experience?” For some, college is about nothing more than obtaining a degree or building a résumé. Yet if God has led you to APU, we believe that your college years are about something so much greater.

APU is a place where students come to grow as disciples and scholars who seek to participate with the work of God in the world. We are a university that encourages students to develop a Christian perspective of truth and life.

In the Office of the Campus Pastors, our desire for you is that your heart, soul, and mind will be continually transformed by the renewing and redemptive work of God in your life—as both an individual and as a valuable part of the Body of Christ.

If God has brought you to APU, it is not solely to be in a Christian community, nor is it only to be a student. Rather, we believe that both of these experiences are foundational for the way that God wants to equip you for a life of serving Him. It is our desire to encourage you toward increasing spiritual maturity, offer pastoral care and opportunities for discipleship-focused relationships, and contribute to a growing understanding of the interrelationship of scholarship and discipleship.

Grace and peace to you!

The Campus Pastors