Image of Campus Safety truck

Student Employment Opportunities

With a focus on exceptional customer service, student workers are required to undergo training and be knowledgeable in many facets concerning campus safety and community life. Students are employed in three areas of Campus Safety: field operations, communications dispatchers, and leads (Student Leadership Program). Students encounter varying situations that require a sound mind, good judgment, and Christian morals.

As the only 24-hour, 7-day a week department on campus, students working for Campus Safety must have an unwavering devotion to succeed while being Christ-like in a working environment. Campus Safety prepares students for post-college careers in many ways, such as holding students accountable for daily shifts, performing specific duties, and relying on others. Students develop competency in organization, communication, and dependability through employment with Campus Safety. The development of such competencies are visible through work duties, including vehicle citations, reports, and knowledge of university rules and regulations. While patrolling the campus on foot, bike, or by car, the student worker’s main objective is to make his/her presence known to the community and act as the eyes and ears for Campus Safety.

If you would like to become part of the Campus Safety team, please go to the Office of Student Employment to obtain an application. If you have any questions, please contact our student coordinator at (626) 815-5000.

Student Leadership Program (SLP)

The Student Leadership Program is designed to develop strong student leaders with Christ-centered worldviews. We accomplish this by equipping our students with the mentoring, skills, and experience they will need to have a competitive edge in their future vocations. Students who are promoted to the position of student worker lead, assistant lead, or project lead are given the opportunity to develop skills and experience that can be added to their resumes.

Members of the SLP team meet every two weeks. At these meetings, they are taught biblical and practical concepts concerning leadership. They then apply what they learned to their assigned areas of responsibility. Their responsibilities vary from supervising a team of other student employees to planning special events. Members of SLP are mentored as they assist and support the Campus Safety staff.

Training in leadership is not exclusive to the SLP team. We show all of our student employees how to be leaders through our core values of God First, honor, integrity, teamwork, and commitment. Not every member of our department will be a CSO project lead, lead, or assistant lead, but every student worker in the Department of Campus Safety is given what it takes to be a leader.