Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t receive mail where I live, so how can I submit proof of address with my petition?

If you do not receive official mail at your place of residence, you must submit a rental agreement or lease document that indicates you reside at the address. If the latter is not applicable, please submit a utility bill and a letter from the person you are renting from for verification of residency. (Please be sure the letter has contact information for verification.)

Can I be excused if I do volunteer work or a volunteer internship?

Students may not be excused from chapel for volunteer work or volunteer internship.

How long is my petition valid for?

Approved petitions are valid for one semester only.

I have submitted my petition but still need to turn in additional documentation. How long do I have?

Petitions that require additional documentation needed to process are considered incomplete. Incomplete petitions expire within 30 days of the date received by the Office of Chapel Programs.

When is the last day to turn in a petition without having to pay a fine?

Petitions must be turned in by the add/drop date of each semester.

I just got a job and need to petition but don’t want to pay the late fine, what can I do?

If a student acquires employment after the add/drop date, he or she may submit a petition along with a work letter on company letterhead within two weeks of the date of hire. The work letter must specify date of hire and work schedule.

What if my employer doesn’t have company letterhead?

Under certain circumstances a letter from the employer along with a wet signature and contact information may be acceptable. The employer will be contacted for verification.

My job hours vary so my work letter cannot be specific. What can I do?

Students must follow the petition process for work related excusal. In addition, an official bi-weekly work schedule will need to be submitted to be excused for the specific days worked.

I turned in my petition at the beginning of the semester and I still haven’t heard back. How long is it going to take?

All petitions are processed after add/drop date. This process takes 2–3 weeks from the add/drop date. It is the student’s responsibility to follow-up on the status of their petition if they have not been notified via campus mail or US mail. Students can contact the office at (626) 812-3088 to verify status at any time.

Do I need to attend chapel while my petition is being processed?

Ultimately, chapel attendance is each student’s responsibility. Upon approval of petition, absences will be retroactively excused. If the petition is denied, the student will be responsible for absences accrued.


There is a discrepancy in the number of absences the home account reflects. What should I do?

Please keep in mind takes 24 to 48 hours to update. However, you may contact the Office of Chapel Programs at (626) 812-3088 or to verify your attendance record.


What time do evening chapels end?

Evening chapels are optional chapels and therefore do not have a specific end time.

I missed chapel because I got sick but didn’t go to the doctor. What can I do?

This would be a time in which you may attend an optional chapel to make up the absence (must attend within the same week). You may also choose to use one of your allowable absences.

How many units do I need to attend senior chapel?

You must have 90+ completed units to attend Senior chapel.

How do I suggest a chapel speaker?

Chapel speakers are selected by the Chapel Executive Committee. You may email to suggest a speaker.

I am upset over what a chapel speaker said. Who do I talk to?

Chapel speakers are selected by the Chapel Executive Committee and each chapel speaker signs a statement of agreement affirming APU’s doctrinal statement. Concerns about specific chapel speakers should be sent to the director, Tim Peck. To contact the director, email

How can I join the chapel band?

Auditions, applications, and interviews for the chapel bands are held early in the spring* semester of each year for the following academic year. An announcement will be made in chapel regarding sign up dates. (There will also be a reminder slide in the pre-chapel slide loop—be on the lookout!)

Sign-ups are in the Office of Chapel Programs Office. You must sign up to audition. Applications, callbacks, and interviews follow this initial audition.

*If you will be studying abroad in the spring, email with an explanation of your situation. He will set up an audition time toward the end of the fall semester.

Chapel Cards

I arrived to chapel at 10:41 a.m., why didn’t I receive a chapel card?

Chapel begins at 10:30 a.m. There is a grace period for students to arrive until 10:40 a.m. Anyone arriving after that time is welcome to attend but will not receive a chapel card for chapel credit.

My card was taken away during chapel by a card monitor and I didn’t get a warning! Why?

Chapel cards are taken away during chapel due to non-compliance of chapel etiquette. Warnings are not required. All students should be aware of the expected chapel etiquette.

I stayed after chapel to talk to the speaker, but when I looked for a card monitor to turn in my chapel card, there weren’t any around. Can I turn in my chapel card into the Office of Chapel Programs?

It is the student’s responsibility to turn in chapel cards to a card monitor in the chapel venue immediately after chapel ends. In order to keep the integrity of the chapel attendance tracking, cards will not be accepted in the Office of Chapel Programs.

Chapel Requirement

Do I have to go to chapel if I am a part-time student?

If you have 11 or less units, you are considered part-time and do not have a chapel requirement. You do not have to attend chapel, but are always welcome. If you decide to attend, no chapel attendance card is required.

Can my chapel attendances roll over to the following week for credit?

Attending more than the required chapels in a given week cannot be rolled over for additional chapel credit.

Special Circumstances

Can I be excused for a job interview or an audition?

Job interviews and auditions are not reasons for an excusable absence. Students must attend an optional chapel to make up for an absence or use one of their allowable absences for events such as these.

I am an older student, do I need to go to chapel?

All full-time, traditional undergraduate students must attend chapel regardless of age. Please review criteria for chapel petitions. Non-traditional undergraduate students enrolled in APU’s professional programs are not required to attend chapel.

A close relative passed away and I need to miss chapel to be with my family and attend the funeral services. What can I do?

The death of a family member is considered a reason for chapel excusal. You will need to provide documentation within two weeks of the date of the absence(s) for the absence(s) to be excused. Accepted forms of documentation would be a memorial card or funeral program.

My car broke down on my way to chapel and I had to miss; can I be excused?

Each student has allowable absences to use each semester. This would be a time in which allowable absences would be used. You may also choose an alternate chapel to make up for the absence (must attend within the same week).

My parents surprised me with a trip during the school semester and have purchased flight tickets. Can I be excused if I bring in the itinerary?

Each student has allowable absences to use each semester. This would be a time in which allowable absences would be used. You may also choose an alternate chapel to make up for the absence (must be attended in the same week).

I missed chapel because I am on an APU sports team. Why haven’t I been excused yet?

These types of excusals must be submitted for processing to the Office of Chapel Programs by the Athletics Director. It is the student’s responsibility to follow up with his or her coach regarding any delays.