Chapel Non-Compliance

If a student exceeds his/her number of allotted personal absences for the semester, he/she will be placed on Chapel Non-Compliance. A student on Chapel Non-Compliance will not be permitted any further unexcused absences and must complete Non-Compliance sanctions. Two consecutive semesters on Chapel Non-Compliance will result in Student Conduct Non-Compliance. Three consecutive semesters on Chapel Non-Compliance may result in suspension from the university for an entire semester.

Chapel Non-Compliance means:

  • A hold has been placed on your student account that will prevent you from being able to preregister for classes next semester until sanctions are completed.
  • A hold will be placed on any classes for which you have already registered.
  • You must sign and adhere to a Non-Compliance contract.
  • You must complete chapel sanctions.
  • Failure to comply with the terms of Chapel Non-Compliance will result in a $200 non-compliance fine.

If a student wishes to appeal Chapel Non-Compliance, he/she may obtain an appeal form in the office of Chapel Programs. Completed appeal forms must be received within one week of the date of Chapel Non-Compliance notification.

Chapel attendance is the student’s responsibility. Students are expected to check their own attendance record on their personal account, and have two weeks to provide verification for any excused absence or to address any attendance discrepancies.

Student Conduct Non-Compliance means:

In addition to all of the above aspects of Chapel Non-Compliance, the results of your Student Conduct Non-Compliance are as outlined below:

  • A $500 fine and a hold on your student account.
  • The hold will remain on your student account until the fine is paid. Failure to pay the fine will result in loss of classes for the following semester. If you have already registered for classes, your classes will be dropped, which may affect your graduation date.
  • If you are placed on Student Conduct Non-Compliance for three consecutive semesters, it may result in suspension from the university for an entire semester.
  • A Student Conduct Non-Compliance letter may be forwarded to your parent/guardian when appropriate, as determined by the Office of Student Life.

For more information about chapel attendance, please contact the Office of Chapel Programs at