Meet the Staff

  • Jason Le Shana

    Director of Chapel Programs

    Jason has worked in the Office of the Campus Pastors since 2008. Jason and his wife, Stephanie, have two young sons, and together they enjoy playing at the park, reading stories, and mastering the finer points of Lego architecture.

  • Geoff Spencer ’08, MBA ’16

    Associate Director of Chapel Programs

    Spencer oversees the successful production of morning chapel programming, and produces video and graphic media. Having previously worked in the film industry, Spencer brings significant experience as a director, producer, film editor, and leader. Spencer is passionate about using storytelling to supplement the worship experience and motivate students to live out God’s word.

  • James Brooks ‘13

    Worship Coordinator

    James is a worship coordinator for Chapel Programs, helping oversee APU‘s seven chapel bands, mentoring students, and assisting with the audition process. James was previously the worship director in a local church context, and he also has experience writing and performing as a singer/songwriter for multiple secular and Christian worship music projects.

  • Stephanie Bernal

    Chapel Accountability Administrator

    Stephanie oversees all aspects of chapel attendance, petitioning, and chapel probation, as well as all chapel card monitors and front desk receptionists. She is passionate about creating a safe and redemptive environment in chapel for students to experience God in powerful ways.

  • Fritzie Umana ‘14

    Chapel Service Administrator

    Fritzie‘s work is focused on communication and strategic management, as she manages the chapel office, tracks the chapel budget, and responds to all external communications. She is passionate about students and seeing them succeed in their experience at APU.