Policies for All Programs

Department Policies

The following are policies that apply to all students in courses offered by the department:

  • A student must complete all prerequisites for a BIOC, BIOL, or CHEM course with a C- or better before taking the course (except as noted in the course description).
  • Students with a total of three unsuccessful attempts (below C-) in any combination of BIOC, BIOL, and CHEM courses will be automatically dropped from subsequent enrollment in department courses.
  • Any single BIOC, BIOL, or CHEM course may only be taken two times at APU.
  • Students may not earn a chemistry minor if they are majoring in biochemistry, nor may they earn a biology minor if they are majoring in allied health or biochemistry.
  • Students missing more than three labs in a course receive an automatic F in the course.
  • Courses with labs in an online or correspondence format are not allowed to transfer as BIOC, BIOL, or CHEM courses.

Additional Requirements for Allied Health, Biochemistry, Biology, and Chemistry Majors

All of the following requirements must be met to continue as an allied health, biology, biochemistry, or chemistry major. Failure to maintain these requirements will result in a student being dropped from the major. Reentry to the major is by petition only.

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all biology, chemistry, biochemistry, math, and physics courses required for the major must be maintained.
  • A student must complete each BIOC, BIOL, or CHEM course with a C- or higher for the course to meet a degree requirement in the Department of Biology or Chemistry.
  • Any single course within the major can be taken only two times at APU; students must change to a major outside the department after two unsuccessful (below C-) attempts in a single required course.
  • Only two courses total within the major can be repeated; students must change to a major outside the department after unsuccessful (below C-) attempts in any three required courses.
  • All majors are required to take BIOL 496 to meet their General Education Senior Seminar or Writing 3 requirement.
  • While courses required of the major may be taken at other accredited institutions, subject to approval via a transfer inquiry form, both lecture and laboratory components must be taken at the same institution in the same semester.
  • It is strongly recommended that freshmen in all biology majors (including biochemistry) take General Chemistry I (CHEM 151) and General Biology I (BIOL 151) the first year, and that chemistry majors start with General Chemistry I (CHEM 151) and Calculus I (MATH 165) the first year. Should math placement assessment require algebra of the student, then that class should be taken the first year and a five-year program may be indicated.
  • BIOL 151 should be taken by allied health, biochemistry, or biology majors who receive AP biology credit. Many medical schools and graduate programs will not accept AP biology to meet requirements for admission. AP credit for BIOL 151 will only be given with approval of the chair of the Department of Biology and Chemistry.
  • Students may take a maximum of 3 units total from BIOL 390, BIOL 391, BIOL 490, BIOL 497, or BIOL 498 for elective credit toward the BS in Allied Health or the BS in Biology.

The following courses may not be taken to meet upper-division elective requirements in any major in the department:

  • BIOL 325 Humans and the Environment (4 units)
  • BIOL 330 Gender Differences (3 units)
  • BIOL 400 Science and Children (4 units)
  • BIOL 470 Science for the MCAT (1 unit)

Note: This information is current for the 2021-22 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.

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