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Support Academic Initiatives

To further our mission, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has partnered with the Division of University Advancement to identify several strategic initiatives that enhance our academic programming and offer students innovative opportunities for professional development. We invite you to explore ways to come alongside us in our efforts to provide a transformational education for students.

Esselstrom Prize for Creative Writing

This award honors David Esselstrom, PhD, professor emeritus, who taught at APU for more than 30 years and served as chair of the Department of English for more than a decade. Esselstrom’s scholarship, writing, and teaching began a legacy of strong support for creative writers at APU.

The prize is awarded each May to an outstanding undergraduate creative writer, providing valuable financial support as well as a competitive edge when applying to PhD, MFA, or MA programs and job opportunities.

Help continue Esselstrom’s good work by contributing to the Esselstrom fund—as the fund grows, more students will benefit from his years of dedication to writing and the APU community.

Student 2 Scholar Program | The John Stauffer Charitable Trust Matching Grant

Each summer, top undergraduate students in the Department of Biology and Chemistry are selected to participate in the Student-2-Scholar (S2S) program, which immerses them in hands-on scientific research. These students work alongside faculty-experts, gaining valuable experience and skills that prepare them for regional and national conference presentations, publications, and entry into prestigious graduate schools.

Furthering APU’s commitment to the sciences, The John Stauffer Charitable Trust recently awarded APU a 1:1 challenge grant of $500,000 to support the undergraduate research program for chemistry and biochemistry students. The $500,000 matching funds—to be raised by January 1, 2020—will establish a $1 million endowment that provides funds for undergraduate summer research in the Department of Biology and Chemistry at APU into perpetuity.

Center for Public Affairs

The Center for Public Affairs, situated in the heart of Sacramento, is the flagship program for students and leaders who seek to influence public affairs from a values-based perspective. The center is the first of its kind in the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU), and offers unique programs integrating excellent training in the theory and practice of public service while remaining grounded in the Christian tradition.

Giving to the Center for Public Affairs allows you to leave a lasting impact on the state of California by supporting Azusa Pacific students and faculty, fostering dialogue on civic life, and cultivating civic leaders in our community, state, and nation who will influence the future of policy and practices in our society.

Prelaw Programming

In an age where religious freedom is under increasing pressure, the need for Christian lawyers is becoming even more important. For these students, excellent preparation goes beyond classroom instruction to include moot court and formal debate team experience, as well as LSAT preparation. Financial support for these cocurricular experiences is rarely found at faith-based institutions, so offering these programs at APU would help attract the nation’s best and brightest prelaw students.

James L. Hedges Distinguished Lecture Series

This series celebrates the written word through annual endowed lectures by poets, prose writers, playwrights, or literary critics. Sponsored by the Department of English, this series showcases writers who imaginatively explore the world through their creative use of language and literary forms, whether in poetry or prose, and honors one of Azusa Pacific’s most distinguished professors: James Hedges, PhD, professor of English from 1974-2005 and now professor emeritus.  

Humanities Program

Supporting the Humanities Program ensures that students are able to explore great works of literature, philosophy, art, music, science, and theology, which offer the most enriching content of the liberal arts and of liberal education itself.

CLAS Dean’s Fund

Higher education is changing rapidly, and APU is poised to be a leader in the next wave of innovative growth. Whether through academic programs of excellence in the humanities, social sciences, or STEM disciplines, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences academically empowers students to succeed in their chosen vocations. The CLAS Dean’s Fund provides targeted resources to assist with market-specific research, new program development, and initiative implementation. Priority funding is given to those initiatives that expand our mission to new audiences.

Other Ways to Give

We welcome support at any level, and encourage you to contact us if you have questions about how to direct your gift. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences also accepts in-kind gifts of equipment, particularly in the Department of Biology and Chemistry and the Department of Engineering and Computer Science.

Note: This information is current for the 2023-24 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.