Reveal Truth through Journalism

In today's information-saturated society, reliable journalists are primary resources for information, as well as shapers of the conversations around issues, personalities, and cultures. As our world becomes smaller and truthful information becomes invaluable, the journalist possesses increasing influence to aid the public's understanding of different perspectives and ways of life. Embedded with a Christian worldview and First Amendment values, this journalism major enables students to create honest, person-driven, multimedia stories, connect people and information through storytelling, and challenge the status quo in an ever-evolving industry.

At APU, our journalism faculty possess top-notch academic qualifications as well as professional experience in journalism and media. Our faculty teach and report domestically and internationally, write and broadcast for the media on a regular basis, and thoughtfully help students learn practical journalism theories and skills while engaging Christian truth, perspectives, and values as they relate to journalistic practice.

In addition, our journalism program boasts a converged student media experience, ZU Media: Student Voice of Azusa Pacific University, at The site offers students an opportunity to create journalistic content for the various media platforms of ZU News, ZU TV, ZU Radio and ZU Magazine, covering all campus news. Participation in this experience is required for all APU journalism students. Azusa Pacific’s student body reflects the larger culture of Southern California, which is the most diverse in the United States.

The major’s curriculum and out-of-class experiences in Greater Los Angeles, one of the largest media markets in the world, and on international study abroad options, prepare students for meaningful impact in a convergent news and media industry.

Pathway from Education to Vocation

Download the Journalism Major Brochure to learn more about APU’s pathway from education to vocation, including graduate school and career opportunities.

Is This Major Right for You?

You’re a journalism major if you:

  • Pursue justice and seek to give a voice to the marginalized.
  • Are inquisitive about the world and enjoy research.
  • Are a good listener, have strong interpersonal skills, and have a talent for making people comfortable.
  • Are organized, detail oriented, and thorough.
  • Seek truth, gathering facts to tell the whole story.
  • Write well and find interest in technology and social media.
  • Enjoy creative storytelling through video, audio, and print/digital.

You may wish to consider APU’s communication management major or public relations major.

The journalism major at APU encourages involvement and interaction with several outlets within the field to ensure students are getting well-rounded exposure to the different outlets of journalism. Faculty are active in the field, and students learn the current way of practicing journalism through interactive classes and workshops. The journalism major is the perfect blend of serious journalism with a Christian perspective.

Arielle Dreher ’14

Note: This information is current for the 2023-24 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.