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All the coordination, planning, and passion that goes into mobilizing and educating students toward responsible and transformational service locally and globally could not happen without the financial support of others. If you would like to help us in these efforts, please consider contributing to any of programs below.

Action Teams

Founded as the Training School for Christian Workers in 1899, APU continues to mobilize students, faculty, staff, and alumni across borders, cultures, and languages to participate with God’s global service in global settings. More than 35 teams annually raise funds to serve around the world. You may choose to contribute to an individual team, or to the general work of Action Teams.

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H.I.S. Years

H.I.S. Years provides an opportunity for recent graduates to serve full-time for two years or more in a world service organization after graduation. It also serves as a catalyst for graduates who want to serve vocationally. Some barriers can exist for young adults who want to serve, and APU believes that if we are able to help mitigate some of these barriers, we can raise the next generation of workers. For this reason, in addition to personal support and development, Azusa Pacific provides financial support for H.I.S. Years volunteers by paying their student loans while they serve overseas. You can contribute to this cause by helping support a volunteer or through giving to the general H.I.S. Years fund.

Mexico Outreach

Founded more than 40 years ago, Mexico Outreach serves churches across the border in Mexico. Their mission is not only provide opportunities for U.S. churches to serve and develop relationships with Mexican churches, but to empower the local Mexican community to continue the good work in their communities. In addition to regular summer and Easter trips, Mexico Outreach serves through kids’ camps, community service, developing a special needs clinic in the Mexicali Valley, and more.

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