Learning Outcomes

In addition to the shared university and Student Affairs learning outcomes, students participating in Center for Student Action experiences will learn:


  • To grow in their personal faith in Christ through transformational service experiences.
  • To cultivate a deep love of others inspired by a greater understanding of God’s kingdom mission through following the life and teachings of Jesus.


  • To pursue personal transformation through an educational process that encourages lifelong learning from a global, biblically based worldview.
  • To apply academic learning and research as they commit to transforming local and global communities.


  • To develop intercultural competence that fosters reciprocal relationships, respect for diverse cultures, a learner perspective, and an ability to communicate cross-culturally.
  • To foster and value healthy relationships with God, self, and others through building holistic community grounded in truth, love, and grace.


  • To articulate and live out a personal faith in Christ and a vocational calling, alongside others in community, that advances the work of God in the world.
  • To employ quality leadership skills and best practices that utilize collaborative networks of established organizations.

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Service Requirements