Students In-Focus: Christine Escoto

Hey wonderful blog readers! This semester, the MAS office has the pleasure of introducing you to a few of our WONDERFUL students! We've got 18 student workers that work in our office in various positions, including Student Ministry Coordinators and Administrative Assistants. We also have about 25 Lead Volunteers who assist our SMC's on a daily basis in each ministry. We'd love to introduce you to some of these great students that we've had the honor of working with the past year or more! We've decided to start by highlighting our students who are Seniors this year. We've asked them the same set of questions, about them, their ministry , and their time at APU. Below, you'll find our first victim, student to present to you: Christine Escoto!

1. What is your name? "Christine Escoto"

2. What is your major? "Sociology with a Minor in Art"

3. What is your role in the MAS office? "SMC for Central City Community Outreach/S.A.Y. Yes!"

4. What do you love about your ministry/your job? "Central City has become a major part of my studies and experience at APU, and I cannot imagine school without it.  I still am in awe that my job is something that I love and would be doing whether or not I had an official position.  I am truly blessed."

5. What is something you’ve learned this year? "This year I learned how to whistle."

6. What are your 3 favorite words and why? "'Think about it'"

7. If Jon Wallace asked you to speak at graduation, what would you say? "Nahh"

8. What’s next for you after graduation? "Hopefully, I will be going to law school in the fall.  My Plan A is to be at

school in New York City, but if not I will probably stay in LA.  If I don't get into law school, I will probably be working as an artist in my parents' graphics and props house."

9. If you could change one thing in the world within 1 year of graduation, what would it be? "Student Loan Forgiveness :)"

Hope you enjoyed reading! Stay tuned for next weeks Students In-Focus!