Students In-Focus: Claire Heddles

Here we are again with another Student In-Focus! This week, we're bringing you the wonderful Claire Heddles. She's one of the Student Ministry Coordinators for LA 101. Claire has been dedicated to our office for two years, and we're sad to see her go, but we're REALLY excited for what she's got next in her life. Between Claire's bright smile and ever-changing fashion - she's sure to make an impact on this world.

1. What is your name? Claire Heddles

2. What is your major? Major: Sociology Minors: Global Studies and Economics

3. What is your role in the MAS office? LA 101 Student Ministry Coordinator

4. What do you love about your ministry/your job? I love being able to spend so much time in Los Angeles while learning and interacting with a lot of different kinds of people.

5. What is something you’ve learned this year? How not to plant a garden. I tried to plant vegetables with my roommates, and I learned that, as it turns out, it doesn't work to throw squash, snap pea, and tomato seeds into a little box and hope for the best.

6. What are your 3 favorite words and why? Bacon, fox, sleep!

7. If Jon Wallace asked you to speak at graduation, what would you say? JON WALLACE IS SPEAKING TO ME!!!!

8. What’s next for you after graduation? Living in France for a few months, then probably coming back to the U.S. for grad school. We'll see where the wind blows.

9. If you could change one thing in the world within 1 year of graduation, what would it be? I'll get back to you with number 9.

Thanks for being such a vital part of our office Claire - and such a great sport about everything! :)