Students In-Focus: DianaPamela Armijo

Hello Hello! It's the week before Spring Break here at APU so things are winding down around the office. But before everyone leaves to their respective places to a time to rest and relax, I wanted to present to you another Student In-Focus from our office! This week, I am pleased to introduce to you, DianaPamela Armijo - or Diana for short! Here she is, as well as her answers to our questions:

1. What is your name? DianaPamela Herrera Armijo...  but Diana for short

2. What is your major? Business Administration

3. What is your role in the MAS office? Student Ministry Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity

4. What do you love about your ministry/your job? Two words.. Passionate Volunteers! Regardless of anything else, these volunteers have done a wonderful job!

5. What is something you’ve learned this year? Cold Stone counts as good therapy :)

6. What are your 3 favorite words and why? Smoothies!!! Jam Session!!.. What happen /:

7. If Jon Wallace asked you to speak at graduation, what would you say? Who me!..Can I pass ?? :)

8. What’s next for you after graduation? Beach Vacation!!!

9. If you could change one thing in the world within 1 year of graduation, what would it be? This sounds like a pageant question, And I am not trained to answer this sort of question..but my wild guess would be..Make the gift of Ice Cream avaliable to everyone in the world :)

That's our wonderful Diana! We hope you enjoy reading these blogs and finding out more about the students we have the honor to work with everyday! Have a wonderful Spring Break everyone!