Disaster Relief

From time to time, a natural disaster hits and devastates an entire area and its people. As a response to these disasters, the Center for Student Action serves as a point for collaboration between multiple agencies, educating the undergraduate student body, and coordinating various forms of fundraising.

In addition, the Center for Student Action keeps the APU community informed about response efforts and coordinates with the Office of the Campus Pastors to offer prayer gatherings for the community. The following are relief efforts that the Center for Student Action has worked towards mobilizing aid and volunteers:

Hurricane Katrina, August 2005, USA
Cyclone Sidr, November 2006, Bangladesh
Southern California fires, various years, USA
Earthquake, 2010, Haiti
Earthquake and Tsunami, 2011, Japan
Typhoon Haiyan, 2013, Philippines
Hurricane Harvey, 2017, USA

Service Requirements


23 countries were served by APU teams this year alone