Acceptable Use Policy

By downloading the university trademark and logotype, you agree to the following guidelines and additional guidelines outlined in the graphics standards quickguide.

  • The preferred use of the logotype and symbol is the stacked configuration illustrated below. When necessary, it is acceptable to use the horizontal configuration Any exceptions to these two uses must be approved by the Office of University Relations.
  • To ensure the identity's strong impact, do not modify or distort the trademark, including distorting the size, changing the typeface, using the logotype or the mark alone, etc.
  • The original proportions of the mark and logotype must remain consistent. Stretching, condensing, or eliminating elements from within and adding elements to the original design is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Special processes such as foil, embossing and debossing, UV coating, or varnish, as well as any additional questions regarding the usage of the Azusa Pacific University identity in the design of custom applications should be directed to the Office of University Relations.
  • The color, using Pantone Matching System (PMS) uncoated colors 1807-Red and Black for the mark; Black for the logotype.
  • In application where the trademark will be reproduced in 4-color process printing, use the following mixes to ensure continuity of the identity:
    • Red: 0%C, 100%M, 100%Y, 30%K
    • Black: 100%K
  • The 1-color trademark utilizes a screen value in the symbol. For 1-color application, it is to be reproduced in no other colors except Black. When the trademark is photocopied or faxed, a solid Black (without a screen) is to be used.
  • When using the 2-color trademark, PMS 1807-Red and Black are the approved colors.
  • When it is necessary for the office or department name to accompany the logo, the following specifications must be used for appropriate usage. Office/department title is NEVER to be substituted for "University" in logotype. When using a departmental logo on apparel, it is best to apply the APU logo on the breast of the shirt without the department name, and then run the department name horizontally along the bottom of the left sleeve.
  • The trademarks used by Azusa Pacific University are the property of Azusa Pacific University. Their use without permission is strictly prohibited.