Yookyoung Choi, PhD


Adjunct Professor, Department of Art

Phone: (626) 815-2064

Email: [email protected]

Office Location: Art Center, Room 1

Yookyoung Choi, PhD, received a BFA and an MFA from the Seoul National University in Seoul, South Korea, and an MA in Art History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MA in Museum Studies from George Washington University. In 2012, she received her PhD in art history from the University of Maryland, College Park, writing her dissertation titled "Globalization and Ethnic Identity in the Art Works of Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Yong Soon Min, and Nikki S. Lee." Her dissertation explores the ways in which hybrid cultural identity can be figured in a globalized contemporary America. She has taught art history survey courses and modern and contemporary art courses at various universities.


  • PhD, Art History, University of Maryland
  • MA, Museum Studies, George Washington University
  • MA, Art History, University of Wisconsin
  • MFA, Art Theory, Seoul National University
  • BFA, Studio Art, Seoul National University

Academic Area

  • School of Visual and Performing Arts (College of the Arts)


  • Contemporary Asian Art
  • Asian American Art
  • Contemporary Art

Courses Taught

  • ART 555 – History of 20th-Century Art, Criticism, and Theory
  • ART 576 – The Modern Object
  • ART 577 – Visual Culture