Notes from Beijing: Part 3

by Christian Brazo

After being confined to the island of Dalian, under tight security and seclusion, Bryan Clay and his coaches arrived in Beijing on Saturday, August 16, and were immediately encouraged as they discovered their housing was a short walk to the Bird's Nest.

Soon after arriving in Beijing, Bryan and his coaches Kevin Reid, Mike Barnett, Paul Doyle, and Rana Reider got about the business of touring the city, the Olympic Village, and the Great Wall.

"Bryan is doing great in training, staying healthy, and has a great attitude going into this week. We are excited to see how well he will do," said Reid. “I think it was tough being in Dailan, so removed from the Games, and knowing that we were so close but couldn't see or taste it.”

“When you really think about it, this is eight year's in the making, with a quick stop in Athens four years ago,” continued Reid. “Beijing has always been our goal. It's now here, and time to get it done.”

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