Renewal Strengthening Our Capacity for Cultivating
Christ-Centered Scholars and Leaders

Renewal, the Strategic Plan of Azusa Pacific University 2020-27.

As you navigate the details of our renewed vision, you will see how we seek to leverage a century-long academic legacy uniquely positioning Azusa Pacific University with aspirations to be the premier Christian university of choice for our culture and times.

Led by Azusa Pacific University’s 17th President Paul W. Ferguson, this renewed vision motivates APU to provide stellar academic and professional opportunities, but more importantly, model how a major national university can continue to be Christian in a “post-Christian” society.

As designed and implemented, Renewal advances APU as a University of impactful Christian scholars and leaders characterized by best practices of the highest quality. By cultivating a more innovative institution and promoting the Kingdom and Common Good, Azusa Pacific University strives to become the nation’s premier Christian University at which students, faculty, and staff are known as community leaders of character and virtue, and thoughtful scholars and leaders in their disciplines, sharing the truth and love of Christ.

A Three-Phase Plan

With a refined and intentional focus brought on by the unprecedented events of 2020, Renewal sets out a bold seven-year strategic plan for how APU will flourish within this higher education landscape. The plan encompasses three phases: Refocus, Rebuild, and Renew.

  • Refocus (2020-21): Deliver the educational mission with excellence in a COVID-19 environment; address issues of identity, equity, and justice; and create a sustainable financial enterprise through a significant right-sizing and reorganization of the institution’s resources.
  • Rebuild (2021-22): Reallocate existing and new resources to strategic long-term priorities.
  • Renew (2022-27): Fuel Azusa Pacific growth into the premier Christian university of choice for our culture and times.

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