Supporting the Holistic Development of APU Difference Makers

Those who live and learn together at Azusa Pacific form the fabric of our Christ-centered university community. Shared values, mutual respect, and hospitality are cherished attributes that each member contributes to and works hard to safeguard. Spiritual formation, student care, service, diversity, and religious expression combine to form the essence of our mission-driven community.

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Undergraduate Community Living Values

Azusa Pacific University is a community of faith and learning with deep roots in the Wesleyan Holiness tradition. As a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff—from all 50 states, more than 57 countries, and in excess of 55 Christian faith traditions—the university provides an environment rich in opportunities to grow into believers and disciples, and from students to scholars.

As a part of this dynamic environment, students are expected to live maturely and demonstrate appropriate behavior in all relationships. The university’s standards for living aid in the holistic development of each student. By striving for God’s best, students thrive in a healthy and caring community.

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Undergraduate Community Standards and Policies

At Azusa Pacific, we are called to honor God in our daily life choices and to respect the community around us as we live, work, and study on campus. Our goal is to walk alongside students throughout their time at APU, so they can make the most of their university experience while remaining accountable to the university’s policies and community standards.

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Undergraduate Community Resources

Azusa Pacific University is invested in the holistic wellness of our campus community. APU provides resources that promote academic, emotional, social, and spiritual thriving for all students. Our staff are available and eager to assist students in reaching their personal potential and achieving their educational and vocational goals.

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