Commuter Services and Programming

The Office of Commuter Life has a variety of services and events designed for undergraduate commuter students. Visit us in the Student Union, located in the Cougar Dome on East Campus, to access the following services:

  • Printing
  • Lockers
  • APU Green Commuter/Rideshare Program
  • Refrigerator and Microwaves: In the Cougar Dome there is a fridge and two microwaves for commuter students to use.
  • Snacks and Coffee: Commuter students are welcome to a complimentary snack and cup of coffee each day. We have a variety of snack options.
  • Office Supplies: We recognize that commuters aren’t able to run home to staple a paper or grab a pen. Stop by the Cougar Dome for these items—we’ve got you covered!
  • Commuter Amenities: We know that you might have a long day on campus and need a little refresher, so stop by the Cougar Dome for some of those everyday necessities (disposable toothbrushes, hair ties, floss, etc.)
  • Commuter Programming: We host a variety of events such as free breakfasts and lunches, Commuter Appreciation Week in the spring, a Commuter Gala, Commuter Chapel, and so much more! We encourage our commuters to keep an eye out for emails from about upcoming events.
  • Commuter Cohorts: All first-year and transfer commuter students are assigned to a commuter cohort led by one of our commuter life assistants. This will be a group for fellowship, event opportunities, and guidance as commuters navigate the APU campus experience together.
  • Games and Recreational Equipment: In the Cougar Dome is a pool table, Ping Pong table, basketball court, computer stations, a study board, and a variety of board games that all students may use.
  • West Campus Commuter Pop-Up Shop: We recognize that many of our commuters spend a lot of time on West Campus, where Heritage Court is under construction. It will reopen, however, in Spring 2022, and in the meantime our pop-up shops offer printing services and snacks, and we have staff on-site for any questions you have.

More questions? Check out the commuter FAQ page.

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