Student in Distress Notification Form (APU CARES)

Students in academic or emotional distress are often first identified by faculty, staff, family, or friends. Although many students will choose to seek and access campus support services on their own, others may not be aware of what APU has available to help, or know how to get connected.

If you have recognized a student who is experiencing a significant academic issue and/or emotional crisis, please click on the button below, and complete and submit the corresponding electronic form. If you are referring multiple students, please complete one form per student.

Student in Distress Notification Form

The Academic Success Center and Student Affairs are committed to student well-being and will coordinate a timely response to your report in an effort to connect the student with appropriate resources.

We appreciate your partnership in caring for our students!

If you believe that any student is in immediate danger of harm, please call 911 first, then APU’s Department of Campus Safety at (626) 815-5000.

For more information about APU CARES, see our APU CARES FAQs.