4 Tips for Buying Your College Textbooks from the APU Bookstore

Back-to-school season is just around the corner, and before you know it, it’ll be time to head to campus and begin your college experience. But before jumping into an exciting semester of classes at Azusa Pacific University, it’s important to properly prepare and make sure you’ve got all the materials you need to succeed.

At the University Bookstore, you and your fellow first-time college students (as well as those who are returning to campus) will find all the materials necessary to ensure academic success. Here are four tips for textbook shopping at the campus bookstore.

1. Double Check Your List of Required Reading

One of the top benefits of shopping directly at the APU bookstore is that the staff works closely with university faculty to provide the most up-to-date textbook requirements for students. Through the bookstore, students can double-check their class list with the provided list of required reading to make sure they’re getting the right materials.

Shopping at APU’s bookstore saves time and makes the process much less stressful. The campus store will be carrying most of the books you need, so you don’t have to worry about trying to shop in different places or ending up with the wrong version of a certain textbook.

2. Consider Renting Your Books

If you know that you’ll need a particular book for just one semester, consider renting it to reduce the worry of selling it back at the end of the term. Many college bookstores—APU’s included—offer the option to rent your textbooks, meaning you’ll return the book after you’re done with it. If you go this route, you’ll have to be sure not to lose the book or damage it during the semester, but in most cases, renting can be the most affordable option.

3. Shop for the Best Price

When shopping through the APU bookstore website, you can find a variety of formats in which textbooks are available: new, used, available to rent, or digital copies. You can compare the prices of each and select the best option for your needs. Check out used textbooks (and again, rentals) for the best prices.

Not only can you compare APU’s prices to other outlets, but the campus bookstore also offers price matching for new, non-rental textbooks. If you purchase a new textbook from APU and then find the same book (condition, edition, and ISBN) at a cheaper price elsewhere before the return deadline, APU may refund you the difference!

4. Ask Questions

Whether or not it’s your first year at college, it’s normal for you (and your parents) to have questions about the textbooks you need to purchase for the semester. The APU bookstore staff is available to answer any questions about textbooks and availability, as well as which edition is required for class, or anything else that comes up while you’re shopping for textbooks.

“We can provide service and answer questions that an online retailer cannot,” says Heather Snyder, director of University Services, Campus Auxiliaries at Azusa Pacific University. “We find that when students and parents are looking for course materials, they have a lot of questions and want to make sure that they are getting what they are supposed to be for their classes. Being able to come in, or call us, and have our staff can walk them through the list of materials is an added benefit.”

In addition to all that the APU campus bookstore offers, staff members are constantly on the lookout for new options that can help provide affordable course materials to students. So, skip the hassle. At the APU bookstore, you’ll find everything you need—all in one place!