A New Star on Campus

by Rebekah Bruckner

From traditional lattes, to drip coffee, to more creative concoctions like Strawberry Acai Refreshers and the infamous Unicorn Frappuccino, students are sure to find something they love at Azusa Pacific University’s new Starbucks. Dining Services hosted a grand opening of APU’s Starbucks store, which is connected to the campus’ main social hub, The Den. President Jon R. Wallace, DBA, joined APU community members for the ribbon cutting ceremony on February 5. This shop replaces Cornerstone Coffeehouse, previously housed in Marshburn Library.

“Every year we conduct surveys to assess student preferences for dining services,” said Samuel Samaan, executive director for university services. “For years now, we have received abundant requests to open a Starbucks on campus. They provide quality service and top-of-the-line coffee. Not only is this appealing to students, but to faculty, staff, and prospective students as well. ”

Student employees from Cornerstone received Starbucks training to work at the first franchise on campus. “We are stepping into the role of a knowledgeable, skilled, and customer-focused Starbucks barista,” said Hannah Martinez, junior acting for the stage and screen major. I am excited to grow and learn in this new position.”

Although Cornerstone Coffeehouse now lives in APU’s history books. The vacated space will house the Student Government Association office.

APU’s Starbucks location accepts dining points and other forms of payment. University customers soon can enjoy gift card usability and an app for ordering. “Starbucks is a great addition to APU’s campus,” said Sabrina Baker, junior graphic design major. “I can now get my favorite drinks on campus. There is comfort in the consistency that Starbucks provides. I always know to expect a solid product and experience.”

Rebekah Bruckner ’18 is an editorial and public relations intern in the Office of University Relations. She is a English major and a graphic design minor.