APU Launches New Master's in Organizational Psychology

Azusa Pacific University’s Master of Science in Organizational Psychology, launching in fall 2016, provides an education that equips students to engage in a rapidly growing line of work. Organizational psychology, sometimes referred to as industrial psychology, assists businesses in forming sustainable systems and beneficial practices that improve organizational health. A 16-22 month, 39-unit intensive course of study, APU’s M.S. in Organizational Psychology quickly prepares candidates to work within this exciting and quickly expanding field.

The program is centered around the work of industrial-organizational psychologists, or I-O psychologists. These psychologists diagnose organizational health and formulate ways of improving it. The method often involves surveys that analyze worker satisfaction and the formation of strategic teams that evaluate the effectiveness of certain business practices. The ultimate goal is to develop strategies that increase employee morale, optimize output, and maintain a positive and healthy corporate environment.

The work of an I-O psychologist grows increasingly relevant in today’s corporate setting. Students who earn this degree enjoy high levels of income potential and employability, and help corporations be a better place to work, thereby giving consumers better products and services. A study in the Bureau of Labor Statistics by the United States Department of Labor reveals that “industrial-organizational psychologist” is the fastest-growing occupation in America, with a projected growth rate of 53 percent between now and 2022.

Wendi Dykes, program director of M.S. in Organizational Psychology and assistant professor in the Department of Leadership in Organizational Psychology, explained the significance of the program. “The M.S. in Organizational Psychology at APU is the only program that partners with the Connective Leadership Institute,” said Dykes. “Graduates of our program will become Certified Associates of this institute, allowing them to administer psychometric assessments offered through CLI. This certification gives students the ability to conduct assessments and diagnose organizational culture, and to graduate as scholar-practitioners who are ready to work as consultants in the growing field of organizational psychology.”

I-O psychologists are invaluable to the modern market because they are equipped to analyze the health of organizations and offer viable opportunities to improve the corporate environment. Graduates not only enjoy high earning potential, but also create a meaningful difference in the lives of employers and employees. The program also prepares students for doctoral studies in a variety of psychological and allied professional research programs.

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