Attending College Admissions Events to Build Community and Connections

by Ashley Eneriz

College isn’t just about picking the right major and classes for your goals; it’s also about embracing your new educational home and cultivating a community of like-minded individuals who will encourage you now and after you graduate.

The opportunity begins before you even take your first class. Attending college admissions events allows you to fully experience a college and its community before you take the plunge. Whether you’re a high school student still weighing your options, an admitted or transfer student gearing up for your first year at Azusa Pacific University, or a family member providing support, these virtual and in-person events are for you.

High School Students

Campus tours are a wonderful way to get to know a college better. APU takes that experience even further so you can see what it’s like to be a real student. Overnight visits are open to high school students and their families. During this time, you’ll meet with professors, staff, and current students. You can also learn more about the admissions process and how to secure financial aid. Register for an upcoming overnight event, or if you prefer, take a virtual tour right now.

Incoming First-Year Students

You’ve decided to join the APU Cougar family, and the school is excited to make its community your community. The overnight welcome event is for admitted high school seniors to experience college life as you will in September. Now is your chance to connect with other incoming first-year students, current students, and faculty. All meals are provided, and you’ll have several opportunities to win gift cards and Apple products. You may also bring your family along for on-campus events during the day and then meet back up with them after your overnight experience.

Transfer Students

While you might not be new to the college scene, it can feel daunting to transfer to a new school and connect with the new community. APU Transfer Day allows you to tour the campus, attend chapel, and connect with professors and the school’s financial aid office, not to mention fellow transfer students. This is also your chance to learn how all of your hard work transfers over to APU credits for graduation. Choose from in-person Transfer Days or virtual Transfer Nights—whichever works best for you.

Families of Students

One Day Saturdays happen year-round on the APU campus so students and families can experience APU even when they’re short on time. These One Day Saturdays occur once a month and are designed to meet your student where they’re at. This event can also help you better understand what your student will experience and how you can help, be it navigating the campus, finding housing, applying for financial aid, or understanding the application process.

Is APU the Right Choice for You?

Admissions events can help you discover if a college is the right community for you. For such an important and impactful decision, you need to go beyond the school’s website—you need to experience the campus firsthand at college admissions events. If that’s not possible, the virtual experience online can still get you closer to the real world one, and the voices of students and staff are available to help bring it—and your education—to life.