Creation Care: Making Steps toward a Sustainable Campus

by Logan Cain

This past summer, Azusa Pacific University’s Facilities Management team completed Sustainability Circle, a six-month program leading to the launch of a full complement of impactful initiatives geared toward achieving a more environmentally friendly campus. Headed by REV Sustainability, Sustainability Circle partners with utility companies and facilities teams to reduce costs and carbon-footprints at universities, school districts, manufacturing companies, and corporations.

The program stresses the importance of developing a strategic communication plan to encourage sustainability efforts. To spearhead these efforts, APU introduced the Creation Care Council (CCC) comprised of students, faculty, and staff. Tom Hunt, associate vice president, and Toney Snyder, assistant director of environmental stewardship, described the new council as a think-tank to develop ideas aimed toward improving sustainability and energy consciousness on campus. Gauging APU’s current environmental responsibility efforts and establishing future goals is the council’s first task.

Other environmental projects began this fall, including the installation of shower timers and decals in Engstrom Hall. Plans include adding usage meters on facilities equipment and landscaping campus areas with drought-tolerant plants. To ensure their success, these initiatives require student, faculty, and staff involvement. “With intentionality, APU will become a culture more conscious of environmental stewardship,” said Hunt.

More than a practical aim, sustainability is a spiritual obligation which began with God’s granting of human dominion over creation in Genesis. “We need to take care of what God has given us,” Snyder said. “I think that’s a call for all believers to follow.”

*Those interested in participating in a CCC meeting may email Snyder at [email protected].

Logan Cain '18 is a public relations intern in the Office of University Relations. He is a Biblical Studies and Humanities Major in the Honors College.