Earning an Online Bachelor’s Degree: The Next Step to a Brighter Future

by Ana Felce

Looking to grow professionally in your career? Whether you’re searching for a new job or thinking about switching fields, you might have noticed that available opportunities have changed since you first entered the workforce. In fact, the jobs of the future will likely require more in-depth knowledge and training than ever before.

There’s no reason to feel left behind, though. If you already have some college credit but haven’t completed your degree, an online bachelor’s degree can bridge that gap in training. Here are three signs that going back to school could be the next step in furthering your career.

1. You Want to Study But Need Flexibility

If you already know you want to return to your studies, that’s great. It may seem challenging at first—you’ll perhaps need to balance your coursework with family, work, and other obligations—but success is definitely within reach. Luckily, the accessibility of online degrees and programs for those looking to return to college makes it easier than ever to do so.

“With platforms that now include online options, blended learning, and convenient class scheduling, Azusa Pacific’s bachelor completion program are attuned to the crucial needs that students have upon returning to school,” said Heather Hoshiko, program director for the psychology bachelor’s completion program at APU’s San Diego Regional Campus. “There is flexibility, advising readily available, and resources to help balance the many roles that students fill, while also using innate strengths to finish their degree.”

Azusa Pacific University’s professional bachelor’s completion programs are designed for individuals who wish to earn their degrees while balancing other life responsibilities, whether you’re working full-time, parenting children, or something else. These programs are available at APU’s regional campuses and online, so you can choose to study wherever, whenever, and however works for you. You can design your academic schedule to coincide with your life.

2. That Dream Job Requires a Degree

If you’ve discovered that your current job isn’t exactly what you expected, you’ve probably spent some time exploring what other options are out there. Maybe you even discovered a new passion that you’d like to pursue as a career. If you don’t meet certain requirements yet, online classes can help you gain that experience and knowledge.

Some of the degrees APU offers are specifically designed to benefit professionals who want to elevate their careers. For instance, for those in the nursing realm, the RN to BSN program helps registered nurses acquire their B.S. in Nursing. As many healthcare-related positions require a completed degree, programs like this one allow nursing professionals to open doors to more opportunities while they work.

For those in other fields, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or B.A. in Psychology can strengthen your résumé considerably. Aside from the skills you’ll gain, your academic experience can set you apart from the competition when applying for in-demand jobs. With degrees like these—or the B.A. in Criminal Justice—you can graduate with new knowledge and insights that will prepare you for a variety of careers.

3. You Want to Stand Out in the Job Market

You don’t need to make huge life decisions or change industries to benefit from completing your degree. You can love your current line of work but want to advance in your current company, switch companies, or improve your resume while job hunting.

The ability to balance and succeed in an online degree program reflects well on your abilities as a professional. When you add a completed bachelor’s degree to your résumé, you’ll show employers your dedication and knowledge of a field beyond your work experience. Going a step further and adding a graduate degree will show them just how serious you are—and that you’re no stranger to hard work and responsibility.

“My advice to anyone considering returning for a degree is to first and foremost remember it is never too late to do so,” said Hoshiko. “Many prospective students express that their worries center around their age putting them at a disadvantage, when this is simply not true. Students of all ages are returning for their education, which provides a more diverse and richer experience in the classroom. Learning is a lifelong process, and this is merely a step in continuing that success.”

With more experience, insight, and maturity, working to complete your degree can present a new chance to thrive and take advantage of opportunities that you hadn’t previously.

Wondering if pursuing an online bachelor’s degree can help you meet your education and career goals? Check out Azusa Pacific University’s website to learn how easy it can be to finish your degree.