The Benefits of Same-Day Admissions Events

by Ben Kissam

Same-day admissions events eliminate many of the stressors that may arise during the college application and decision-making process. These virtual events can help shape your future in just a couple of hours, and they’re a great way to gather information about your program of interest.

In just one session, you can find out if you’re accepted and get a feel for what life might look like at Azusa Pacific University. Here’s more information about these online admission events for graduate and transfer students, as well as how to prepare for your program’s event.

What Is a Same-Day Admission Event?

Same-day admission events, also referred to as “instant decision days,” are a newer approach for graduate program admission that many colleges and universities are adopting. Instead of submitting all your documents and then waiting to hear if you’ve been accepted, you can interview, be considered, and receive an acceptance offer in just a few hours.

At APU, these admission events for graduate programs within the School of Business and Management as well as various graduate-level nursing degrees are offered. More programs are likely to offer these types of events in the future.

Similarly, APU also provides on-the-spot admissions events for prospective transfer students. If you’re a transfer student, these 30-minute timeslots are designed to help you understand everything from the admissions process to how financial aid works. You can fill out the Transfer to APU form if you’re interested in attending.

Benefits of Attending Virtual Admission Events

Attending a virtual admissions event can save you both time and money during the application process. Here are some of the other benefits of these sessions:

  • You’ll know if you’ve been accepted into your chosen program in hours, not weeks or months.
  • You can start planning for your future sooner, letting your career goals come into clear focus.
  • The events are virtual, so if you’re an international student or live out of state, you can still attend.
  • You get to meet representatives from graduate programs, including faculty from your program.
  • You can learn more about financial aid options available at APU.

In addition, select programs often allow attendees to have application requirements waived as a bonus just for attending, according to Bonnie Nakashimada, senior director of Graduate and Professional Admissions at APU. “You may find you have one less recommendation to request or have an essay requirement waived,” she said. “And every person who attends gets their application fee waived.”

How a Same-Day Admission Event Works

Same-day admission events typically last two to four hours. During this time, an admissions representative will help you complete your application. Additional faculty, including academic staff from the department, will also be in attendance to conduct interviews and answer questions. The goal is to get a feel for your professional and academic goals and to give you a taste of what life at APU may look like as a student.

“Most admissions requirements are completed live during the virtual session, so students can check off their to-do list at once,” said Nakashimada.

For some programs, such as the doctoral nursing program, you should be prepared to complete a writing sample focused on your educational goals during the event.

How to Prepare for Same-Day Admission Events

First, make sure the program you’re applying for offers these events, as not all programs do. If it does, schedule a time slot. Also, be sure to read up on your program’s specific requirements and do any necessary prep work.

You’ll need to bring:

  • A copy of your resume
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • Name and contact information for one professional reference

Remember, your acceptance at these events is conditional, so additional steps may be required. For example, the doctoral nursing program requires a copy of your official transcripts and two professional references.

“The admissions representatives put a lot of work into these events, which is so worthwhile because we get to see the joy and excitement on students’ faces when they are admitted to APU,” said Nakashimada. “It’s an emotional experience and a moment to celebrate.”

Interested in simplifying the application process? Check out APU’s Information Meetings calendar to see if your program has an event coming up.