Karla C. Alejandro Meza: Following God’s Lead

Choosing to pursue leadership positions as an APU college student was a transformational decision for Karla Consuelo Alejandro Meza ’22. From becoming a residence advisor her sophomore year to serving as president of Azusa Pacific University’s Student Government Association (SGA) her senior year, Meza follows God’s call to lead. “I want to advocate for students and amplify their voices,” she said. “I love APU students. I love people. I’ve been surrounded by amazing leaders here who have inspired me. When I took a leap of faith in obedience to serve, that’s the moment God started using me to make a difference for His Kingdom.”

Meza is guided by her abiding faith. She recognized God’s call early in her life, seeing Christ’s love and service modeled by her family. Her father ministered at a small church in Mexico City, Mexico, prior to moving the family to Sunnyvale, California when Meza was eight months old. “My grandfather was also a pastor. Ministry runs in my family,” she said. Meza followed in their footsteps, giving her first sermon at age 10.

“I was just sharing with kids at first, but I moved on to preaching to the adults as well. Those are the moments I feel closest to God, when I connect with Him powerfully. It’s the best feeling, just letting the Gospel flow through me.”

While living out a vibrant relationship with Christ, Meza admits that she has struggled with her faith at times. During her senior year in high school, Meza and her family faced a series of challenges and loss. “That was a tough year,” she reflected. “We celebrated the birth of my brother, but the next day, my grandfather died.” Then just weeks after Meza came to visit APU as a prospective student, her kitchen caught on fire, causing financial hardship for her family who lacked insurance to fund the repairs. “I clung to my faith.”

Meza, who grew up going to public schools, said she felt called to APU, believing that attending a Christian university would allow her to thrive spiritually, academically, and socially. Though her family’s financial situation posed a challenge, “God came through. He has been so good about providing scholarships and opening doors,” she said.

This included the chance to be a residence advisor. “A lot of people told me that no one gets selected to be an RA as a sophomore, to wait until next year to apply,” she said. “I felt God telling me to apply, so I did, taking a leap of faith. It was definitely the right decision.”

Two years later, after talking to former SGA presidents Tayo Agbalaya ’20 and Camila Gaona Galvan ’21, Meza contemplated running for office. Again she was hesitant, partially because she wouldn’t be allowed to continue serving as an RA if she was elected, a role that enabled her to make meaningful connections and provide support to residential students in her living area. Then that rule changed. “I was also nervous because I didn’t want to be known as the person who lost the election, but I realized I needed to put that aside and respond to God’s prompting,” Meza said. “Those moments of obedience have been a big part of my faith journey.” As SGA president, Meza represents the interest of APU’s undergraduate students to university administration with the goal of enhancing the student experience.

“It’s been a truly humbling role and I’ve learned that it’s okay to not be perfect. I’m doing important work serving my community while growing in my faith and as a leader.”

Meza is majoring in psychology with a concentration in industrial organizational psychology and a minor in communication studies. She plans to pursue a master's degree after graduation and aspires to work in the medical or tech field to help organizations better care for their workers, a career she sees as a ministry. “I want to support and advocate for others in the workplace to help meet their needs,” she said. “I’m excited for what’s next and my time at APU has prepared me to lead well.”