On August 1, Azusa Pacific University will break ground on a new five-story residence hall. The facility will help to accommodate the rapidly growing student body.

When complete, the new residence hall will hold 350 beds, with floor plans specified for either women or men. Each floor will also have its own common room as well as prayer and study rooms. The first floor of the dorm will house a lounge for larger social gatherings, while the fourth and fifth floors will have decks with a mountain view. A 75-foot gaslight will mark each entrence--one representing prayer, and the other the community students have with each other and God.

Azusa Pacific administrators selected Commerce Construction Co., L.P., for the project for their understanding of students and desire to meet their needs through their construction. Commerce Construction, founded in 1968 by Majestic Realty Co., has constructed more than 45 million square feet of industrial, office, retail, special/institutional, hospitality, and recreational facilities.

“The spaces were designed to facilitate community,” says Troy Aday, university architect. “People will be led to the Lord in this building and we have provided room for that.”

The new living area will be located across from Adams Hall on University Drive.