My Life in Christ: David Do's Faith Story

by Abigail Reed

"I arrived at APU on a spiritual high, striving to get involved with every opportunity but lacking meaningful connections with God and others. As time went on, God taught me the importance of spending time with Him, which led to learning how to truly be His disciple and love the people around me."

From playing on the football team to volunteering as an MC at nearly every event, David Do ’20 was well known at his high school. He knew about Jesus, but poured all of his time and worth into opportunities, people, and events—trying to boost his image. When Do tore his ACL his senior year, limiting his ability to participate in sports and other activities, he found himself at an all time low. In this difficulty, as people who loved him covered him in prayer, Do truly encountered Jesus for the first time. Do was filled with passion for his faith and felt called to become a pastor, but he had nowhere to invest that energy, until he began college at Azusa Pacific University.

When he arrived on campus as a freshman, Do leaped headfirst into every faith-related opportunity available: participating in worship nights, faith events, and ministry projects. As time went on, however, Do became worn out and stretched thin. He recognized he was struggling to form deep relationships with others. God tugged at His heart, encouraging him to find solitude and meet with Him—whether closing his dorm room door to read the Bible, seeking stillness in the Hartwig Prayer chapel, or observing the practice of Sabbath.

“I began living a life according to God’s will, planning my life with time to commune with Him,” said Do. “My time alone with the Lord equipped me to better serve and connect with the people on campus, providing a place of rest and rejuvenation.”

In the quiet, God gave Do a deep desire for one-on-one connections with others, leading him to become a D-group leader, Service and Leadership Team (SALT) representative, and truly invest in the people around him. These relationships proved powerful, and Do’s faith grew as he heard the stories of others. Today, Do serves as an intern in the Office of Spiritual Life, an experience which is constantly teaching him what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and love others.

As he begins his senior year, Do hopes to plant seeds of revival on campus, as he continues loving God and others. After graduating, Do will use his ministry major to follow God’s call to be His disciple, wherever that might take him.

This article is part of a series that features the inspiring faith stories of APU's students, faculty, and staff. If you are a member of the APU community and would like to share your faith story, contact Rachel White at [email protected].

Abigail Reed is a public relations intern in the Office of University Relations. She is a liberal studies major with an honors humanities minor.