My Life in Christ: Noah Meyer's Faith Story

When he was 14 years old, Noah Meyer ’22 felt the Holy Spirit for the first time. Tearfully sharing their struggles and praying together, Meyer and a group of friends suddenly sensed tangible warmth, light, and uncontainable joy wash over them. This experience, combined with his upbringing in the church, stayed with Meyer, but his high school years brought nights spent at parties, judgmental thoughts, and puffed-up pride. He loved Jesus but lacked a foundation for discipline and spiritual maturity—that transformation began when he arrived at APU as a freshman.

From living in the dorms to joining a D-group, God quickly began turning Meyer’s life around through opportunities at APU, and he left the party scene behind. In May of 2019, Meyer traveled to Moldova on an action team, coming alongside people in poverty and spreading the gospel message.

“My time at APU has turned my faith into a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus, and He has washed away my old feelings of pride and judgement,” said Meyer. “I learned how to hear God speak and follow His direction, with my friends encouraging me along the way.”

With a faith deepened through these experiences, Meyer hopes to lead his own action team next summer. Starting this fall, Meyer will co-lead a D-group to spur on freshman and sophomore young men in their own faith journeys. As he seeks God’s will for a future beyond college, Meyer would like to use his business management degree to one day own a sports company—pushing people to be the best they can be and sharing the love of Christ.

This article is part of a series that features the inspiring faith stories of APU's students, faculty, and staff. If you are a member of the APU community and would like to share your faith story, contact Rachel White at [email protected].