Personalized College Visits: 3 Reasons They May Be Right for You

Group tours aren’t the only option for college visits. For prospective students looking to hone in on the qualities of their top schools, a personalized tour is a great way to get a better feel for campus and prepare to take the next steps.

If getting more one-on-one time with current students and faculty is important to you—or you simply aren’t sure a group tour will work with your schedule—here are three reasons you should consider a personalized campus visit (or a couple!) before enrolling.

1. You’re Making Your Final College Decision Soon

As a junior or senior in high school, you’ve likely identified your top schools by now. If you’re still deciding which one might be the best fit for you, scheduling a personalized visit can help you feel confident when making that final decision.

“When you’re on campus, you can see what people look like, what they’re doing, and get a feel for what an average day would look like,” explained Kayla Montgomery, assistant director of recruitment at Azusa Pacific University. “When you step on campus, ask yourself, ‘Is this the place I can envision calling home?’ It’s a lengthy process getting to ‘yes,’ and you want to make sure it’s the best decision for you.”

While some students might have a clear idea of what they want to do, others may only know what they feel passionate about. During campus visits, students can gain more clarity around what they want from college—and how their passions can translate into majors and eventual careers.

Personalized campus visits can also give you an opportunity to meet faculty members, learn about classes you could be taking, and speak with your potential peers. All of these experiences can help you see how it feels to live and study on campus. When the question of “Where are you going to school?” is looming, a personalized visit can help you get there faster.

2. You Can’t Make It to a Prospective Student Event

Most universities host campus-wide events for prospective students, aiming to provide them with immersive college experiences. These can include overnight stays or full-day events, and they are great options for students who are looking to get a well-rounded feel for the school—but attending these events isn’t always possible.

If you can’t make it to one of your top school’s planned events, consider scheduling a personalized visit instead! The admissions office can connect you with professors in your field of interest, schedule you to sit in on a class, and have a student show you around the campus. All of these efforts can help you walk away feeling confident that you can (or can’t) see yourself joining the school community.

3. You’re Applying to a Bachelor of Fine Arts Program

When looking to enroll in a school’s fine arts program, such as music, acting, or cinematic arts, you’ll not only need to submit a portfolio—in many cases, you’ll need to schedule a personalized tour of the department and coordinate auditions, if necessary. Admissions offices work closely with art departments to help prospective students set up these tours, so they typically ensure visiting students not only get a feel for their chosen department but also a chance to experience the school as a whole.

Scheduling a Personalized Visit

If you’d like to schedule a personalized visit, reach out to your top schools’ admissions offices to set up a time and go over your needs. Most admissions offices recommend scheduling a tour during the school year so you can be on campus when professors are there to answer questions and students help bring campus to life. However, summer campus visits are also available.

Interested in attending Azusa Pacific University? The school offers campus-wide events, personalized tours, and group tours! Once you make plans to visit the campus, the undergraduate admissions team can arrange a customized tour for you. When you arrive on campus, Montgomery recommends bringing an open mind and an open heart. “College visits are important because choosing a college is like choosing a new home,” she said. “You wouldn’t choose a home in a day.”

Hoping to set up a personalized tour at APU? Schedule a visit today.