“My art is inspired by a desire to tell stories about the human experience,” said Guerrero. “I think some of our most interesting experiences take place within. I want to make visual all those things inside us nobody ever gets to share or see.”

Guerrero’s inspiration for the show came after a soul-searching experience. Prior to the show, Guerrero was attacked both spiritually and mentally with thoughts of insecurity, self-hate, depression, and death. These issues made him wonder if he was suppose to struggle with such issues as a Christian, and if his salvation was threatened. Through that, Guerrero came to the understanding that his brothers and sisters in Christ are understanding and can help him conquer such issues, as he handed them over to God.

“The show is somewhat of a challenge for those who are struggling to not become overtaken by their thoughts, and to seek help,” said Guerrero. “To those who are not going through those emotions, to be sensitive to the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ, so that they may not become a casualty of thought.”

Prior to transferring to APU two years ago, Guerrero had no artistic training. Assistant Professor of Art Guy Kinnear introduced Guerrero to ink washes in a painting class. Although fascinated by the art, and interested in the subject, Guerrero did not pursue ink washes again until he created one for his mother’s birthday this summer. It was then that Guerrero realized what primary medium he would use in his show.

Guerrero has been a student art teacher for the past three years at Morning Star Christian Schoo. He teaches art, creative writing, and drama. “Not having any artistic training growing up, I want to be able to prevent other young aspiring artists from missing out on what I did,” said Guerrero. “My art is one of self-discovery and healing and hopefully such journeys can help inspire and heal my students.”

For more information on the artist, email him at [email protected].