Student Experience: Pursuing Medical Missions with a Kinesiology Degree

by Morgan Rogers

While pursuing her kinesiology degree at APU, Suzann Lee ’19 found God’s purpose for her in caring for people and experienced a new calling to take part in medical missions. Although her major focused largely on the physical, she also developed a deep appreciation for bringing hope to those in need.

“We don’t have to be a part of church leadership or have a certain education to allow us to be living in ministry,” she said, recalling the wisdom she learned from her kinesiology professor, Eric Sorenson, Ph.D., ATC. “Wherever we’re placed, we’ve been placed by the Lord, and with that, God can use us to bring hope.”

For Lee, her passion lies in the beauty of understanding the human body, and in the ability to use that knowledge to bring hope to underserved communities. “Jesus’ heart for healing is so evident,” she said. “He continuously took time to interact with and heal those that were sick.”

Lee aspires to take her kinesiology education worldwide and help people through physical therapy. Her eyes are set on the future, with hopes to pursue medical missions and serve God’s people abroad. “The privilege of Christian workers in the medical world is that we get to bring an even greater hope that is beyond us—the hope of Christ.”

Morgan Rogers is an editor in the Office of University Relations.