The Best Strategic Communication Jobs

We live in a noisy world. With so many voices trying to be heard on a variety of platforms, the need for effective communicators has never been greater. Accordingly, strategic communication jobs have been proliferating across the country—and world.

“We hear about new crises nearly every day through various media outlets,” said Mia Anderson, PhD, program director for Azusa Pacific’s MA in Strategic Communication. “From finance to politics to sports, organizations need and strongly desire strategic communicators with the education and experience to overcome challenges in a way that allows them to remain trusted and viable in the marketplace.”

These days, virtually every industry needs a workforce of professionals who are trained for strategic communications, as they can improve how individual companies operate. The new online Master of Arts in Strategic Communication degree offered at APU provides crucial training for success in an ever-changing career field.

The Need for Strategic Communication

Effective communication is necessary both inside and outside a company. As cited in an article in Inc, a Holmes Report survey of 400 corporations reported an average loss of $62.4 million per year due to poor communication among employees. And don’t forget the frequent news of social media mistakes that cost companies customers, revenue, and reputation.

“In recent years, there has been a new drive in strategic communication for more ethical practitioners. One of the elements that makes the APU strategic communication graduate program unique is the interwoven focus on ethics in the traditional and digital marketplace,” noted Anderson.

The Best Careers in Strategic Communication

Many blamed the internet for the decline of traditional communication outlets like magazines and radio. However, the internet has made the need for communication experts even greater—and more varied.

“Communication experts—those with years of experience—have witnessed the industry evolve into one that is more digital, global, and time-conscious," shared Anderson. “APU’s MA in Strategic Communication curriculum addresses these changes directly with a focus on digital analytics, global strategy, and case studies in strategic communication. Our goal is to produce strategic communicators who are able to guide their clients and organizations effectively through the triumphs and challenges all businesses face."

As a communication graduate, you won’t be limited to just writing and editing careers. You’ll also be able to leverage your skills in any of the following strategic communication jobs.

Communication Director

A communication director can play a crucial role in many parts of a company, including internal communication, advertising, promotional campaigns, media relations, and more. estimated that a communication director in Los Angeles typically earns between $141,648 and $194,054 annually.

Public Relations Manager

Both for-profit and nonprofit companies rely heavily on media exposure to boost their name and reach. The BLS reported a median annual wage of $114,800 for public relations and fundraising experts, and predicted this career field will experience 10 percent job growth through 2026.

Marketing Specialist or Manager

According to Red Crow Marketing, the average American can see anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 ads a day. Because of this, typical consumers have gotten better at filtering out ads that don’t meet their needs or aren’t genuine. Marketing specialists who understand strategic communication can help companies better target audiences.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that marketing managers earn an average of $132,620 per year and work with a creative team, sales agents, and financial staff to create effective marketing strategies.

Events Director

Companies love to put on events that cater to current clients and increase their business reach. Some organizations rely on these events as fundraisers, and other businesses may host annual conferences or throw week-long training expos for their niche product.

These large-scale events require a highly-trained team, meticulous planning, and seamless communication. Accordingly, job growth in event planning is projected to increase 11 percent in the next decade.

Human Resources Communication Manager

Effective communication is absolutely necessary inside a company’s walls. Human resource communication managers work to minimize internal conflicts and ensure that employees are able to collaborate effectively. On average, human resource professionals earn $113,300 and this career field is predicted to grow approximately 9 percent by 2026, according to the BLS.

A Flexible Degree for Your Needs

Whether you’re already working in the industry or looking to change your career, Azusa Pacific University’s strategic communication master’s program is conveniently offered online so you can pursue your degree while balancing other life responsibilities.

Hoping to learn more about this degree program and how it can prepare you for your calling in communications? Explore the Master of Arts in Strategic Communication degree.